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46939163529969700Sun Mar 13 14:22:23 +0000 2011@jaredpolis @charliesheen You have a severe drug deficiency and too high a sanity coefficient. Your abilities at ego and crazy are too low.
46930219055067100Sun Mar 13 13:46:50 +0000 2011Programming jobs fall, despite Labor Department's outlook
46929513023672300Sun Mar 13 13:44:02 +0000 2011Company pays government to challenge pesticide research showing link to Parkinson's - Toxic Influence |
46725334544031700Sun Mar 13 00:12:42 +0000 2011Darpa Gave $400,000 to Chief s Family Firm Move along, nothing to see here.
46724734427209700Sun Mar 13 00:10:19 +0000 2011Team Petraeus Brings Back Body Counts Nam Baby! "Those who fail history have to repeat it in summer school" Buffy
46718318807232500Sat Mar 12 23:44:49 +0000 2011Gov. Rick Scott Revives Law Originally Intended To Disenfranchise Blacks In preparation for 2012
46599910065315800Sat Mar 12 15:54:18 +0000 2011Taking the "Adopt-a-Highway" program a step further.
46596203349151700Sat Mar 12 15:39:35 +0000 2011Political correctness victimizes Congressional staff and lobbyists
46589381477269500Sat Mar 12 15:12:28 +0000 2011Copyright Concerns, Meet Public Relations Nightmare Trolls
46587731261927400Sat Mar 12 15:05:55 +0000 2011Defective NH Republican Won't Apologize For Saying 'Defective' People Should Die In Siberia Harsh Attack on Tea Party
46587133292585000Sat Mar 12 15:03:32 +0000 2011Colorado Doubles-Down on Dumb Crime Policies Hickenlooper, not just ignorant but dumb as a Republican on crime
46583539197677600Sat Mar 12 14:49:15 +0000 2011gop support nuclear power
46580278298288100Sat Mar 12 14:36:18 +0000 2011'Sovereign Citizens' Arrested In Alaska For Alleged Plot To Kill Police, Federal Judge Not Muslims, so not terrorists
46579057948762100Sat Mar 12 14:31:27 +0000 2011Earth's axis shifted 25 cm as a result of the earthquake, and the main island of Japan had shifted 2.4 meters
46356864744689700Fri Mar 11 23:48:32 +0000 2011Prisoners of their own strategy conservative "thinkers" on evolution, ID etc. AKA hacks
46350196422090800Fri Mar 11 23:22:02 +0000 20113/11/83 "I don't think they'll be happy until the White House looks like a bird's nest." Reagan on "environmental extremism" of EPA critics
46334827200389100Fri Mar 11 22:20:58 +0000 2011The "Rationing" Switcheroo - How Huckeberry death panel lies work.
46226309185159200Fri Mar 11 15:09:45 +0000 2011JPL bombshell: Polar ice sheet mass loss is speeding up, on pace for 1 foot sea level rise by 2050
46037730232238100Fri Mar 11 02:40:24 +0000 2011In Forty Years, Gasoline May be Almost a Dollar a Gallon
46009180640919600Fri Mar 11 00:46:58 +0000 2011Greg Anrig has written a great, succinct myth-busting piece on Social Security via Digby
45996765303947300Thu Mar 10 23:57:38 +0000 2011Nation needs a Democrat to challenge Obama WH denied supporting the Wisconsin workers.
45871091515789300Thu Mar 10 15:38:15 +0000 2011Lying Videographer Claims Another Hidden-Camera Scalp
45867209456754700Thu Mar 10 15:22:49 +0000 2011NYT actually prints that Corpulent Christie is a big ( liar then debates if that's a bad thing.
45863979330965500Thu Mar 10 15:09:59 +0000 2011The New York Times' Rape-Friendly Reporting
45641045442166800Thu Mar 10 00:24:07 +0000 2011Terrorists in our midst? An arrest in the Spokane bomb plot Again, he can't be a terroist, he's a white christian male.
45619583339606000Wed Mar 09 22:58:50 +0000 2011Do-thats hidden and false assumptions about sex
45606613515649000Wed Mar 09 22:07:18 +0000 2011Koch Brothers Key Political Employee Has Dark And Disturbing Past Sounds like a real Republican
45605739590459400Wed Mar 09 22:03:50 +0000 2011Scott Walker Would Rather a Woman Die Than Have an Abortion That Could Save Her: It's True
45605268305883100Wed Mar 09 22:01:57 +0000 2011Abortion didn't matter in the last election? Take a look at what the GOP Congress is doing to women
45556705060323300Wed Mar 09 18:48:59 +0000 2011OneJag Enraged By Lack Of Sufficient Free Parking "I honestly thought the piece was a parody the first time I read it."
45549985382678500Wed Mar 09 18:22:17 +0000 2011Republicans and Medicare - Always want to kill it, won in 2010 by lying about it.
45538136511623200Wed Mar 09 17:35:12 +0000 2011Inequality is not as bad if there is movement in and out but there is no change in mobility at the top.
45537473744474100Wed Mar 09 17:32:34 +0000 2011Urgent steps to stop the climate door closing Koch has really fracked us.
45537129744449500Wed Mar 09 17:31:12 +0000 2011Americans have higher rates of most chronic diseases than same-age counterparts in England
45503662478471200Wed Mar 09 15:18:13 +0000 2011Wisconsin pension plan among most secure
45351528491520000Wed Mar 09 05:13:41 +0000 2011NYTimes doesn't mention credit card interchange rates in the United States are among the highest in the developed world
45342901907103700Wed Mar 09 04:39:24 +0000 2011Housing: The leverage bulls return
"Those who fail history, repeat it in summer school" Buffy The Vampire Slayer
45289226178277400Wed Mar 09 01:06:07 +0000 2011If there's no climate change because Al Gore is fat, what about Corpulent Christie's Holland Tunnel decision ?
45288292895293400Wed Mar 09 01:02:25 +0000 2011Tax bills in 2009 at lowest level since 1950 -
45285131212173300Wed Mar 09 00:49:51 +0000 2011tax revenue as a percentage of the economy is at a 60-year low
45279252681203700Wed Mar 09 00:26:29 +0000 2011I just became a @firedoglake member! Join for as low as $45/year and support serious indy journalism Gitmo Here I Come!
45273471403565100Wed Mar 09 00:03:31 +0000 2011Ex-Democratic Senator Chris Romer's Fundraiser Hosted By Republican Teabagger Josh Penry
45269907604111400Tue Mar 08 23:49:21 +0000 2011Oil and Copper better than the entrails of birds
45263661551464400Tue Mar 08 23:24:32 +0000 2011Another Entry In The Lifestyles Of The Not Quite Rich Enough Genre
45260146523381800Tue Mar 08 23:10:34 +0000 2011Who could have known that electing a criminal tea partier to the highest office in the state would cause problems?
45259518464114700Tue Mar 08 23:08:04 +0000 2011Hey grandma, Rick Santorum thinks you're a junkie
45181272103985200Tue Mar 08 17:57:09 +0000 2011If you say ethanol isn't affecting prices for staple grains and soybeans, you are a fool or a knave looking to mislead
45180845320962000Tue Mar 08 17:55:27 +0000 2011Why the Democrats Should Never Have Started Paying Ransom to Avoid a Shutdown If you give a rat a cookie...
45180408438075400Tue Mar 08 17:53:43 +0000 2011The Mauritius Miracle by Joseph E. Stiglitz via Mark Thoma
44966262652145700Tue Mar 08 03:42:47 +0000 2011Doesn't Anyone Remember Christine Whitman? who caused the Jersey pension fund crisis Corpulent Chris is going to fix
44926925860380700Tue Mar 08 01:06:28 +0000 2011A Modest Proposal: Indefinitely Detain the Banksters

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Tweets of Yesterday (9/17/2010 - 9/26/2010)

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  1. Laid off teachers in Chicago surprised by "secret" rating method. New Teacher Project involved.
  2. Tea Party is a media spectacle managed by billionaires to give working people the illusion of power
  3. Billionaires give 91 percent of funds for Rove-tied group So handy not to have to call too many people
  4. World in Revolt: The Global Backlash Against Budget Cuts Global like jobs meaning not in the US
  5. Conyers' Deficit-Neutral Jobs Bill Would also cure High Speed Trading abuses
  6. So How Did the Bush Tax Cuts Work Out for the Economy?
  7. 92% of Americans prefer socialism over US system but that's just when they are confronted with facts
  8. "Waiting for 'Superman'": A simplistic view of education reform? Charter Schools will save the day, except they won't
  9. Why I Heart Alan Grayson Taliban Dan Webster
  10. @alfranken thanks progressives for getting Elizabeth Warren appointed @BoldProgressive #p2 and tell her on what to work
  11. Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman when to be or not to be a cheerleader is not protected under the First Amendment
  12. Why is the political right on the offensive in America? The World Socialist view of the election YMMV
  13. NYT violates policy and describes Enhanced Interrogation using the T word
  14. The Barrington Moore Problematic and Its Discontents Whocouldaknown  that we would be fighting for the Enlightenment
  15. NYT notices a lot of money and campaigns against judges but fails to mention that all are right wing
  16. An ad message that was definitely made for today: Not approved by the WTCU
  17. GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt Possible Replacement For Larry Summers Includes how GE sucked off Government tit
  18. Decline in Credit Card Debt is banks writing off bad credit card loans H/T Shrill One
  19. Witches for Christine | Time for Christine O'Donnell to come out of the cauldron...
  20. 201 criminal cases where federal judges found prosecutors broke the rules. Abuses jailed innocent people & freed guilty
  21. "Your bank is having to deal with a scary and unfamiliar regulatory landscape, and might well react in unexpected ways"
  22. Millions Were Misspent by Arizona Sheriff’s Office Facing Federal Lawsuit, Officials Say - ProPublica
  23. Self-fulfilling Prophecy Department: The Democratic “Punt” The Blue Dogs would have passed the Tax cuts for the Rich.
  24. Low-Divorce Jobs Remember correlation does not prove causation although the study might suggest a dating strategy
  25. Rep. Peter DeFazio Turns The Tables, Confronts Shadowy Conservative Group Running Attack Ads Against Him (VIDEO)
  26. Progress on the Treason-in-Defense of Slavery Front Basic Principles of TIDOS
  27. Improving Teacher Quality By Paying Teachers More Pay around the world
  28. Unpacking the GOP’s "Pledge to America" Who What and What Not
  29. Health Care act solved the long term deficit problem GOP would recreate it. H/T Deling
  30. The Republican View of America: 80% Male, 20% Female; 75% Over 50, 25% Under 50; 99% White, 1% Horse Photo evidence
  31. Iconography of the Pledge on America Perving on The Statue Of Liberty or New Solutions for Wretched Refuse
  32. Report: Broder & Woodward still taking speaking fees despite WaPo policy H/T Susie Madrak
  33. Witless Yes, it's not deja vue, it's memory
  34. A vanilla-scented pledge White Privilege
  35. The Way Out of the Slump - Paul Krugman and Robin Wells Quantitative Easing or Fed buys debt Calls for courage No Hope
  36. Neoliberalism and the For-Profit, Predatory Educational Industry: You Can't Regulate a Criminal Enterprise
  37. Orcs are harmless to children's development H/T Shrill One
  38. Eileen Nearne and the Times Torture Policy AKA Gestapo use of enhanced interogation techniques
  39. GOP 'Pledge To America' Director Lobbied For AIG, Exxon, Pfizer, Chamber
  40. Man without Mortgage Loses Home in Foreclosure
  41. New study says protecting net neutrality good for the economy
  42. Based on history the best way to fix the economy and deficit is not elect Republicans Those who fail history etc.
  43. Which CDOs and Banks Had Deals With the Most Cross-ownership? - ProPublica
  44. Exciting News from BP Youtube 1:24  Scenes from an abusive relationship. H/T First Draft
  45. Peretz, Thomas, and the Middle East double standard
  46. Right Wing Foments Voter Fraud Conspiracies, Hatches ‘Voter Caging’ Plot To Suppress Minority Votes In WI
  47. Gentle, Public Activism: Magnusson’s I-75 Project Historical Markers, Hysterical Markers
  48. Nitwits and Hypocrites - Video 1:19 with music that makes you want to invade some country
  49. Tell the FCC: We need strong #netneutrality rules now.
  50. Progress on #LGBT rights has ground to a halt because of the #filibuster. Tell the Senate: Fix the filibuster. RT Plz
  51. Speculation that Summers will be replaced with someone who can like him represent the powerful misogynistic interests
  52. GOP made history, you gutless wonders. the first time a defense appropriations bill has failed to pass since 1961.
  53. The Democratic Message Why not try the truth for once ?
  54. Capital Rivals: Koch Brothers vs. George Soros How much each spends and to some extent where. (Lots of secrets)
  55. Federal Agency Failed to Report Disciplined Providers to National Database - ProPublica
  56. It's not right to hold all Christians responsible for the actions of Palin, P2(O'Donnell), the Pope, Pedophile Priests, or the Inquisition.
  57. Billionaire Bailout Recipient to America: "Suck It In and Cope, Buddy" --
  58. All Republicans and Blanch Lincoln Block Defense Funding Bill to Sabotage “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repeal
  59. Vote to give this idea $25K: Promote health by providing affordable wholesome food to families.#pepsirefresh
  60. The Quadrotor Drone Learns Several Terrifying New Tricks Wait til Skynet gets a hold of it.
  61. America Needs Jobs' Idea No. 1: A Payroll Tax Holiday
  62. GOP blocks DADT repeal on purity of the senate procedures grounds
  63. 20 Ways To Put America Back To Work Again
  64. US  Businesses & Consumers are NOT Deleveraging. but Going On One Last Binge Decrease is debt is mortgage write-offs
  65. There is No Evidence for the "Structural Unemployment" Story 1 job for every 5 workers.  No matter how qualified.
  66. NYT just figures out Republicans are behind the Teabagger movement preferred term:TeaBircher  H/T
  67. NY-18: Lowey's challenger opposes interracial marriage and school integration; supports eugenics. GOP denial ? crickets
  68. Watchdog Faults FBI for ‘Factually Weak’ Basis for Investigating Activists Has someone cloned J.  Edgar Hoover ?
  69. Fannie And Freddie, Again Innocent of causing the Mortgage Backed Security meltdown
  70. Schadenfreude: There's nothing quite like watching GOP and Tea Partiers rip each other up Great Phrase: #Teabircher
  71. Newt on the economy: Is there any politician more congenitally dishonest than this cretin? Palin but that's cheating.
  72. Will Sarah Palin run for the presidency in 2012? Duh
  73. co-signed @MaryJoKilroy's letter to Speaker Pelosi demanding Congress vote on middle-class tax cuts: #oh15 RT please
  74. One Wisconsin Now uncovers organized voter suppression effort Next, tasers ?
  75. The Gingrich Senators Funny how the evil that Man does lives on.  Of course Caesar was ambitious.
  76. Flash! Ben Stein Lies! Flash, someone does the maths and he is either lying or doesn't do math. or both I guess.
  77. Poll Showing Gains by Paladino Excluded Key Candidate From Ballot Rasmess'in with you.
  78. MSM view of the center Boehner and McConnell rate 96% with the American Conservative Union. Chris Matthews sez "center"
  79. Jesus' General: My Ad for O'Donnell Because it's time to end the Tubesock Holocaust
  80. Meg Whitman Blows Away Self-Funded Federal Candidates in Cash Comparison Spreadsheet at
  81. Judges' financial disclosures hard to get
  82. There's No Crying In Nieman Marcus More on Ben Stein's veracity
  83. If Peretz is not a bigot, then the word has no meaning. Well said. Read it and weep for America
  84. Sex and social justice WWJD Sex vs Social Justice 1:14
  85. Ben Stein’s fiscal policy as if anyone should ever believe a word he says
  86. BP Says Well Is Sealed, but Oily Gulf and Accountability Questions Remain
  87. Structural Impediments People (like Pres. Clinton) are saying plenty of jobs, workers have the wrong skills. WRONG!
  88. Who Is Responsible for the Progressive "Enthusiasm Gap?" Voters are smarter than the White House treats them
  89. Trying to understand income inequality Many causes all dependent on Govt actions
  90. Todd Henderson's Century-Ago Predecessor: G.H.M in the Atlantic Monthly in May 1905 Rich people always had it hard
  91. The Angry Rich and Taxes These days, tax-cutters for the rich aren't even pretending to make the trickle-down case.
  92. The Golden Age of Television Featuring a Mini Episode with a surprise ending
  93. Study Shows Testosterone is Bad For High-Stakes Decisions Counter intuitive: Testosterone makes you pull out?
  94. Private Gains/Public Losses: Inside Job-- The Movie is Good intro with timeline
  95. Twitter and the Cowardice of Sarah Palin
  96. In Which Mr. Deling Responds to Someone Who Might Be Professor Todd Henderson #worthreading SA
  97. Vote No Prop 102 (CO) Limits Judges' ability to release non-violent accused without bail  $$$ for Bailbonds men RT plz
  98. Introducing the Mia, our new currency unit. One Mia buys one month in Afghanistan, (currently $6B)
  99. A taste and analysis of a Rich whine overly self indulgent and leaves a bitter after taste H/T Digby AND DeLong
  100. The Extent of White Advantage Blacks & Latinos poor: poorer than poor Whites and their rich less rich than rich Whites
  101. TARP Was Not a Success – It Simply Institutionalized Fraud Didn't change the banking system, just funded it.
  102. This Country Just Can't Deal with Reality Any More Truth has been replaced by lies
  103. Charity Navigator Rating - Solar Electric Light Fund
  104. Solar Electric Light Fund: About SELF
  105. The Empire strikes back: By the time Basil III takes effect, they can be eliminated
  106. How to Write a David Brooks Column Leaves out fake sociology
  107. Following the Money Vast US Income inequality mostly because of government policy
  108. @gregpinelo  I love the phrase Tealiban
  109. The US Republicans have created a Frankenstein monster Dr. Rove, be proud
  110. 10/30/10 March to Keep Fear Alive and Rally to Restore Sanity And Pre-Game Halloween.  F%$K Yeah!
  111. Complete blueprints for making your own full-size Dalek
  112. The Old Adventures Of New Christine
  113. Deficit Hawks New Definition Where have they all gone now that there are deficit balloning tax cuts for the Rich
  114. In Praise of TARP No cost to Taxpayers and saved banking system
  115. recursive Tweet: Occasional Blog: Tweets of Yesterday (9/9/2010 - 9/16/2010)
  116. Where Have All the Deficit Hawks Gone? Or for the Vitter/Newt/Rush wing, gone to young girls everyone
  117. SEIU Helps Bank Workers Become Whistleblowers flyer at
  118. The Warren Appointment: A Home Run for Our Side essentially, If it weren't a good deal Warren wouldn't have taken it.

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Tweets of Yesterday (9/9/2010 - 9/16/2010)

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  1. DE-Sen: O'Donnell, in her own words Q: You're going to stop the whole country from having sex? O'DONNELL: Yes.
  2. This is What Class Warfare Looks Like
  3. The misguided reaction to Tea Party candidates they are the real Republicans just honest about it.
  4. Bailed-Out Banks Finance Predatory Payday Lenders
  5. Tax Cuts for the Rich? 6 Key Points About the Tax Debate Raging in Washington How much will I pay to the Richies
  6. "Thanks for the Blitz, asshole."
  7. How Democrats, Republicans compare It's as easy as ABCD H/T Dave Johnson
  8. Review: Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson – Winner-Take-All Politics American economic inequality is largely political
  9. At least he's an administration official who will respond to a major DFH
  10. Elizabeth Warren on Way to Being Sidelined as Head of Consumer Protection Agency, Relegated to “Advisor” Role
  11. Demand is the only real problem and GOP trashes anyone who tries to deal with it.
  12. What Does a Vote for a GOP Candidate in November Really Mean?
  13. John Suthers' "Willie Horton" Back in the News Serial Killer sponsored by Suthers (who doesn't remember)
  14. It's Demand, Stupid But business lobbyist would rather bitch lies than do something about poor sales
  15. An Antidote to Estate Tax Misinformation Lots of Lies because they really pay... the ultra rich
  16. NY Primary shows Dems don't have to be Wall Street whores to win
  17. Join me in supporting Meet Joe Miller via @actblue
  18. There are more anti-wanker GOP wankers than are wet dreamt of in your tea party
  19. O'Donnell asserted that women serving in combat damages national security
  20. Conservatives Don’t Care About the Deficit One of many lies they tell (racism, tough on defense, immigrants, morality)
  21. Amendment 63 if passed and legal (unclear) would mean no Medicare money for Colorado, zip, nada
  22. AIG: How creative and accommodating the Treasury is with large distressed firms, in contrast to underwater homeowners
  23. Shorter Armey: The reason Blacks don't show up at Tea Party Rallies is because them Ghetto neighbors would hurt them.
  24. Wall Street Strikes Again: Sewer Hikes in Alabama
  25. Tancredo & Miller stay on the ballot Alternate Headline:Activist Judge Overturns Will of Dick Wad(ham)
  26. Why Broadband Prices Haven’t Decreased Regulatory decisions are made without data by argument. (lobbying)
  27. South Carolina: National Federation of Republican Women show respect for their tradition.
  28. RT @MoveOn: GOP is holding middle class tax cuts hostage to get giveaways for the rich. Tell them it ain't happening.
  29. Shorter: You can't call all conservatives racists just because historically they are
  30. NY Times regrets error: Correct Headline is "Operation Citizen's United Successful"
  31. Tax Cuts on Profits, Savings, and the Wealthy Fail to Spur Economic Growth But A Victory in the War on the Small People
  32. Government bureaucrat who destroyed the market in Thalidomide (GOP version) H/T Digby
  33. Haley Barbour's lies about Ole Miss Actually names someone who can call him on his lies
  34. If Tancredo out polls Maes the Republicans will officially be a minor party
  35. Rich Americans Save Tax Cuts Instead of Spending, Moody's Says -
  36. The Case Against Rahm Lots of detail, long depressing story.
  37. Even in New York City, $250,000 is rich
  38. The Importance of the 1970s Business interests in all sectors organized a takeover of political power
  39. Hellegers: American Income Inequality is the Cause of our Crisis Cause rich people are genetically greedy
  40. Joe Bageant: Understanding America's Class System The Political Class and The Rulling Class. Screw the rest of us.[
  41. TIMELINE: Nine months of the right's anti-Muslim bigotry Because you have to keep on stoking the fires of hatred.
  42. Basel III arrives good results but waiting to see how TBTF screw it up.
  43. A short post about gratitude Iceland had their Kochs. A few powerful evil men did a lot of harm to a lot of people.
  44. Austan Goolsbee to CEA Chair Positive review
  45. Obama mired in surreal US politics Call out to Michael Bennet as surrealist (and backstabber)
  46. Certain inalienable rights What a radical statement
  47. Money Well Spent Koch's buy reality
  48. Tell Congress: Don't extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy Pls RT #p2
  49. Lesbian couple in Vonore house fire is hate crime Terrorist from Beckistan
  50. Despite the rise of a right-wing domestic threat, it's ignored See events listed and
  51. The Election Needs You, Broken Heart and All Cheer up things could be worse and if we don't GOTV, it will be.
  52. Why Rahm Was 100% Wrong | In order to a pragmatist, you have to be right.
  53. $250k isn’t a lot of money if you want to shit gold dust
  54. 10 reasons:"There Is No Economic Justification for Deficit Reduction" Galbraith to Deficit Commission t
  55. Krugman Prophecy written 9/14/01 Partisanship ? How dare you suggest...
  56. 10 Republican Lies About the Bush Tax Cuts
  57. Lotsa facts about the tax cuts fo the rich. Incredible how much Government subsidies they require.
  58. Having a Hard Time With 60, 61 & 101? Here's a Video That Explains Things 4:51
  59. US and domestic radical problem No mention of White right wing Christian terrorists or Beck. PDF
  60. Coverture What is the Tea Party position on it ? Also Sati (Sutee)
  61. Paradise Lost: Why Fallen Markets Will Never Be the Same Governments will not be able to agree on sensible regulations
  62. Boulder County Fire Air Operations Live Scanner Audio Feed #boulderfire In case you didn't see it earlier
  63. Beckistan Terrorist posts bomb instructions on Facebook, is charged in plot H/T Atrios
  64. Rahm’s replacement?: A Fannie Mae lobbyist in the pay of Goldman
  65. Encouraging Hatred and then pretending surprise at the result.
  66. 30 Stats That Prove The Elite Are Getting Richer, The Poor Are Getting Poorer And The Middle Class Is Being Destroyed
  67. Fourmile fire perimeter and evacuation #BoulderFire as of 9/9
  68. YouTube - Colorado's Wandering Attorney General
  69. Rahm Cuts & Runs Before Shit Hits The Fan But let's look forward not backwards. At least he will be gone.
  70. Obama used Dean's "50-state strategy" to win a primary and general election and then rejected bottom-up governing
  71. How about printing copies of the Quran on preprinted American Flag Paper ?
  72. Just how bad is Obama's "progressive" "middle-class" tax cut? Only half as halfassed as the GOP proposal
  73. DigitalGlobe| Fourmile Canyon Fire, Boulder, Colorado Satellite Imagery #boulderfire
  74. malpractice reform is not the answer to the healthcare cost problem, 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tweets of Yesterday (9/4/2010 - 9/8/2010)

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  1. Rahm Emanuel’s Competence Test Is thIS an elaborate setup for a joke about Chicago mayors ?
  2. Fox Calls for Repeal of the 20th Century — 13 Achievements Conservatives Would Roll Back And they ain't kidding
  3. Millions strike in France over pension cuts French: better cheaper healthcare & dealing with Catfood Commissions.
  4. Time for the Pundits to Take a Deep Breath - Why Democrats Will Not Be Routed In November From Your Lips to God's ears
  5. "Mad Men" is science fiction of the past
  6. If Martin Luther King were alive today, Breitbart would have video lynched him already
  7. Incredibly Obvious Things In Front Of Our Faces Conservatives will f%$k the economy every time.
  8. Fiscal policy: So crowded, no one's working anymore Crowding out doesn't happen with massive under utilization, a$%hole
  9. High-Income People Would Benefit Significantly From Extension of “Middle-Class” Tax Cuts
  10. After Labor Day: Let the Politics Begin Four Reasons for hope. From your lips to God's ears
  11. A Taste of Home in Foil Packets and Powder - Interactive Graphic -
  12. Biggest fire in Boulder County History, thousands evacuated, homes destroyed, still uncontrolled #boulderfire
  13. The Slump Goes On: Why? Dr. and Dr. Shrill One (Krugman and Wells) H/T Atrios
  14. Choice of Clerks Sign of the Roberts Court’s Polarization Alternate Headline: Robert's Wing Are Right Wing Hacks
  15. Social benefits associated with significantly increased equity requirements are large, while social costs are small.
  16. Will Basel III really deliver? Maybe the World will do what the US won't, constrain Banksters
  17. Chinese act like Banksters, but when they do it, it's wrong. When Banksters do it, it's Financial Innovation
  18. NH-Sen: Ayotte's $300k Planned Parenthood settlement But But the deficit
  19. Boulder County, Colorado (CO) Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners on
  20. Dear President Obama: More of this, please can he start talking the talk ?
  21. Republicans flood the zone to build "conventional wisdom" 142 GOP to 47 Democratic polls
  22. ProgressivePunch : Members by score / All issues Useful to see who's been naughty and who's been nice.
  23. To Save Themselves From The GOP, Dems Should Start By Saving Social Security Negative on Betsy Markey and Blue Dogs
  24. Trumka: "Most Crucial Election in 75 Years"
  25. Consequences of U.S. and Dutch Approaches to Teen Sex Gives new meaning the phrase Clap harder
  26. 1938 in 2010 Krugman says BHO really is like FDR, when FDR was wrong.
  27. Democrats Plan Political Triage to Retain House Why do I expect this to end up at "Hopeless Blue Dog! F*%K Yeah!"
  28. Credit card issuers offer business cards to consumers to get around new law Chose wisely
  29. Seattle man attacked shopkeeper, calls victim a terrorist Another terrorist from Beckistan
  30. Because of health care reform, projection is for $600 billion SURPLUS. Not widely reported by deficit peacocks
  31. People of color or with funny sounding names aren't a threat to our way of life. But they make good scapegoats
  32. Famous directors in haiku form
  33. The Original Reagan Democrat H/T Digby
  34. GOP to voters: We don't need your stinking primary votes, we decide And the Press did such a great job of vetting Maes
  35. Recessions Are For The Little People Finally a chance to score a major Victory in the War on the Small People
  36. Inequality back at record highs from governing like Republicans
  37. Arizonans might consider their white-supremacist problem Hey, the 2nd Amendment allows White Men to shotgun non-whites. 
  38. Google Public Policy Blog: Texas inquires on our approach to competition Three complaints all by Microsoft fronts
  39. Who's Hurting? Job Losses by Labor Sector, Gender, Race - Interactive Graphic American Business attacks men.
  40. Great comment on neoliberalism Obama and the Third-Wayers really want to destroy the New Deal.
  41. 'I Had A Dream' : Picture Stephen Colbert, at a 'Restoring Truthiness' Rally And Special Guest: Tina Fey!
  42. Deficits fixed on top 0.1% backs & preserving low cost quality govt health care won't win the War on the Small People.
  43. If the Congress can stick to PAYGO and the long-run growth news is not bad, then we are done with our long-term deficit
  44. Rahmism Why is Obama still listening to the people who persuaded him to go for the capillaries.
  45. What's Really Behind Yesterday's Unemployment Numbers? Net: Rich people sit on their money dragging the economy down.
  46. A mailing from Congressman Grayson about Koch Koch shows that Government is an investment with excellent ROI
  47. The Drum Rule: My Unfavorable Review Of The American Prospect's "American Taliban" Article Fight among liberal bloggers
  48. Attractions of Payroll Tax Holiday Diminish Upon Closer Examination, 12/3/01 repeating analysis
  49. Payroll Tax Holiday a Poor Stimulus Idea analysis done 1/26/09 Helps the rich and business does nothing for employment

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A mailing from Congressman Grayson about Koch

Got this in the e-mail today, can't find it on a web page but I don't think there is an expectation of privacy.
Let me tell you something else about David Koch, the billionaire who is spending $250,000 in attack ads this week, to try to defeat me.
In 1999, Koch Industries was indicted on 97 counts of violating the Clean Air Act, and related criminal laws. Why? Because Koch's Corpus Christi oil refinery had dumped 91 tons of benzene, a carcinogen, into the environment.
Four Koch employees faced up to 35 years in prison. And Koch was liable for $350 million in fines.
Should Koch, the polluter, choose our Congress, or should we? Contribute to our campaign, and fight back.
It didn't look good for Koch. But 2000 was an election year. So Koch dragged out the case, and spent $900,000 to help get George Bush and other Republicans elected. Not to mention doling out $20 million to right-wing think tanks, which churned out anti-Gore propaganda.
And guess what? Two months after John Ashcroft was sworn in as Bush's Attorney General, the Bush Administration settled the case for less than six cents on the dollar. John Ashcroft - the best Attorney General money could buy. The money that Koch spent on the 2000 campaign bought Koch a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card.
David Koch learned an important lesson about government in 2001. If you can't beat it, buy it.
And that is what David Koch is trying to do today. Having bought the Executive Branch in 2000, now he's going for the Legislative Branch. A twofer.
And we need your help to stop him. Koch is spending $250,000 right now. We have to fight back. Help us now.
Alan Grayson

Slight edit to take out an additional appeal for contributions.

Koch shows that Government is an investment with excellent ROI

Tweets of Yesterday (9/1/2010 - 9/3/2010)

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  1. Over the past 30 years, 34.6% of all income growth went to the top one-tenth of 1% of all earners. 1 in a 1000 Richies
  2. jaredpolis This week I visited local cool companies @kidrobot in Boulder & in Gypsum (kambucha)
  3. Southern Strategy, the (enduring) power of racism
  4. Oregon Dem. Senator runs on public option and is 20 points ahead.
  5. @BagNewsNotes re: two drill pipes instantly brought to mind the second gunman theory of BP ?
  6. Might fire up the troops a little to know that the Democrats are still breathing.
  7. Slow Boil Vote for a candidate who then does nothing he said he would do ?
  8. jaredpolis en route to Frederick for Congress on Your Corner at D'Agostino's, 141 5th St, Frederick, CO
  9. Light of destruction
  10. 16.6 million small business employees could benefit from Healthcare act provisions starting this year
  11. Wells Fargo's Odd Mortgage Essay Question Are the Banksters creating a "no-fly" list ?
  12. An apology to California students for ripping them off
  13. Paradoxes Of Deleveraging And Releveraging Paradox of Thrift and fallacy of composition
  14. Oil Sheen Reported After Another Rig Explodes in Gulf Mariner Energy, at least 13 accidents in the Gulf since 2006
  15. Life support Why the gaping enthusiasm gap, Not very complicated: the Democrats abandoned core Democratic principles.
  16. Drama Queens? Freedom works receives threats of lower rents.
  17. Bonddad Solves the Unemployment Situation Construction workers out of work, Massive infrastructure work needed. Duh!
  18. Home truths for complacent economists why the homebuyers' tax credit's a bad policy
  19. Dispersants May Delay Recovery of the Gulf By Years/Decades On the Bright side, it will kill a lot of Small people
  20. Bush tax cuts for rich equals long term Social Security shortfall One is a crisis, the other not.
  21. Charles Darwin's ecological experiment on Ascension isle H/T Queen Victoria's Terraformers
  22. Who Are You Going to Believe, the IMF or Your Lying Eyes? The Market is perfect until it disagrees with the Rich
  23. Irish Worries For The Global Economy Victory in the War on the Small People!
  24. How Many Lone Nuts Does It Take To Make A Party Mix? If he's a White Christian he's a lone wolf. All Muslims are alike
  25. Feds Warn Residents Near Wyoming Gas Drilling Sites Not To Drink Their Water As Starbuck would say "Frack!
  26. Fun With Twitter, Vol. 1 -- Cusak shows his credentials to run in the style of the GOP.
  27. Liveblogging the Wachovia and Lehman Brothers Hearing The Banksters really got both a handup, a handout and a handj%b
  28. Vanity Fair:Palin "anywhere you peel back the skin of Sarah Palin’s life, a sad and moldering strangeness lies beneath"
  29. Netflix Opportunity excellent analysis. Innovative American business Slide 11 shows Fed regulation dependency
  30. SEC to Ratings Agencies: Really, We Mean Business Strongly worded letter to a puppy a week after he pees on the pillow
  31. Dick Armey: Oh, no, no, no, no. I've got 34 goats that depend on me daily. I couldn't be away that long. Undenied love
  32. So called "Liberal Hawks" have the same blood on their hands Let's put their names on a plaque somewhere
  33. Top science fiction writer devises technology for writing without the distractions of the Internets Hilarious comments

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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  1. Impressions of Afghanistan H/T Fallows
  2. Career Death By PowerPoint more on with link to How to Get out of Afghanistan
  3. Mortgage Fraud Banksters claim: It wasn't rape, the American people were asking to be screwed.
  4. Five Notes On The Iraq Speech ATTACKERMAN Generally positive on getting out of Afghanistan. On how Iraq was played
  5. Why Are NACA’s Innovative Mortgage Modification Marathons Below the Radar? Conventional Media works for the Banksters
  6. Obama's Speech Recap Positive review: Drum was apparently "able to get a sense of his soul"
  7. My prayer for Rupert Murdoch: Let him be bankrupt and unemployed before he burns in hell From your lips to God's ears
  8. Tom Tomorrow: Scary scary news scary! Plagiarist. All his ideas belong to Fox News: Guarding the Henhouse of Democracy
  9. Corexit Found In Swimming Pool Of Sickened Florida Family
  10. Now Get Those Damned Vets Off My Lawn Cause Simpson can only finance so much Tax Cut $ for the Rich off the old people
  11. Sorry, incomplete Tweet: Iraq: What Did We Win, And What Did It Cost? Official Answers to both questions: D: STFU DFH
  12. Iraq: What Did We Win, And What Did It Cost? Official Answers to both questions: D: STFU
  13. Corporate America crying over executive pay disclosure Sunshine the best disinfectant and BS the best lobbyist tool
  14. Gilpin Family Whisky made from diabetics' urine Too many jokes, twitter overloaded H/T Slashdot
  15. God is an abortionist Just to post something non-controversial
  16. Lawrence O’Donnell is Dangerously Wrong About Social Security Just to show that Democrats can be assholes too
  17. Drew Westen: What Created the Populist Explosion and How Democrats Can Avoid the Shrapnel in November worth reading
  18. Conservatives: government for me not for you
  19. Days from death, Fla. wildlife officials free plastic jar that was stuck on bear cub's head Save the Jar, save the Bear
  20. Just realized, conservatism is based on denying basic economic truth. Economic growth is not zero sum, better for us not worse for the rich
  21. Hidden Energy Costs- Unpriced Energy Production & Use Cost H/T H/T*2 Atrios
  22. Good comment: Dems have squandered every opportunity to provide leadership to address anxiety and concern people feel
  23.  BagNewsNotes Kind of thing I worry about. Story: Obama trusts public will sort out religion rumors. Photo: O hosts WH Ramadan dinner 6:40 PM Aug 30th via TweetDeck Retweeted by you
  24. Koch Industries Has Financial Stake in Derivatives and Pharmaceuticals, Not Just Oil So destroying government is good.
  25. What happens when religious right leader Maggie Gallagher meets St. Peter
  26. Beck rally crowd size by the numbers 20 people on a queen sized mattress.
  27. Billionaire Who Denies Connection to Tea Parties Bankrolls Tea-Partying Glenn Beck Fans H/T Digby
  28. No Sound And Fury WH clueless on messaging. What have they done in the last 30 days to inspire the base ?
  29. lee fang has been covering the (Like to buy the world ) Koch brothers for a while
  30. The Tax that cannot speak its name Small person at $200k/yr pays taxes about the same rates as a Richie making $200m
  31. Politico notices Hispanics Leaving Democrats More kick the base political strategy
  32. Peter Daou: Vital Lessons from the Health Reform Wars H/T Ian Welsh
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